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I've read a lot of cookbooks-in fact I've absorbed them! I was never without a cookbook to read before bed, during the day or anytime. These are the books I have found to be inspiring. Most of them are older and they are a good, well-researched read. To know about the history and traditions of food is almost as important to me as the cooking and eating of it.


Bruce Cost's Asian Ingredients
Bruce Cost
Classic Chinese Cuisine
Nina Simmonds
Fragrant Harbour Taste
Ken Hom
Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art
Shizio Tsuji
Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Books Vol. I, II, III
Pei Mei (Chinese Bookstores)
The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking
Barbara Tropp
The Original Thai Cookbook
Jennifer Brennan
The Simple Art of Vietnamese Cooking
Binh Duong & Marcia Kiesel

The Village Baker
Joe Oritz
Breads from the La Brea Bakery
Nancy Silverton

American Charcuterie
Victoria Wise
Jack Ubaldi's Meat Book
Jack Ubaldi

Baking with Jim Dodge
Jim Dodge
Maida Heatter's Book of Great Cookies
Maida Heatter
Maida Heatter's New Book of Great Desserts
Maida Heatter
Stars Desserts
Emily Luchetti
The American Baker
Jim Dodge
The Cake Bible
Rose Levy Berenbaum

La Methode
Jaques Pepin
La Technique
Jaques Pepin
Mastering the Art of French Cooking I
Julia Child
Mastering the Art of French Cooking II
Julia Child
The Cooking of South-West France
Paula Wolfert
The Cuisine of the Sun
Mirielle Johnston
The Making of a Cook
Madeleine Kamman
The Natural Cuisine of George Blanc
George Blanc
When French Women Cook
Madeleine Kamman

A Taste of India
Madhur Jaffery
Flavours of India
Madhur Jaffery
An Invitation to Indian Cooking
Madhur Jaffery

Bugialli on Pasta
Giuliano Bugialli
Celebrating Italy
Carol Field
Classic Techniques of Italian Cooking
Giuliano Bugialli
In Nonna's Kitchen
Carol Field
The Classic Italian Cook Book
Marcella Hazan
More Classic Italian Cooking
Marcella Hazan
The Foods of Tuscany
Giuliano Bugialli
The Splendid Table Lynne
Rosetto Kasper

Cook Wise
Shirley O. Corriher
Food Lover's Compendium
Sharon Tyler Herbst
The Art of Seasonal Cooking
Perla Meyers
The Dean & DeLuca Cookbook
David Rosengarten
The Fannie Farmer Cookbook
Marion Cunningham
The Fannie Farmer Cookbook Older Editions
(used book stores)
The Joy of Cooking
Rombauer & Becker
The Joy of Cooking Older Editions
(used book stores)
The Six O' Clock Solution
The Vancouver Sun
The Way to Cook
Julia Child
Paula Wolfert's World of Food
Paula Wolfert

Authentic Mexican
Rick Bayless
Recipes From the Regional Cooks of Mexico
Diana Kennedy
The Art of Mexican Cooking
Diana Kennedy
The Cuisines of Mexico
Diana Kennedy

Other Places
Mediterranean Greens and Grains
Paula Wolfert
A Book of Middle Eastern Foods
Claudia Roden
The Book of Jewish Food
Claudia Roden
Cous Cous and Other Good Foods from Morocco
Paula Wolfert
The Food of Portugal
Jean Anderson
Coyote Café
Mark Miller
Coyotes Pantry
Mark Miller
The Foods of Spain
Penelope Casas

Specific Topics
Fancy Pantry
Helen Witty
Flatbreads and Flavours
Jefferey Alford & Naomi Duguid
Grains Cook Book
Bert Greene
Greene on Greens
Bert Greene
The Complete Book of Spices
Jill Norman
The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Spices and Flavours
Elizabeth Lambert Oritz
Time-Life Foods of the World Series Time-Life
(used book stores)
Time-Life The Good Cook Series Time-Life
(used book stores)

Vegetables and Vegetarian
Red, White and Greens
Faith Willinger
The Greens Cook Book
D. Madison & E. Espe Brown
The Savoury Way
Deborah Madison
Lord Krishna's Cuisine
Yamuni Devi

Good Reading
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine
Elizabeth David
The Art of Eating
M.F.K Fisher
The Rituals of Dinner
Margaret Visser
Vintage Pellegrini
Angelo Pellegrini
On Food and Cooking
Harold McGee