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Some excellent books on the subject of 'Cheffing' are Becoming a Chef by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page, and it's companion workbook, Culinary Artistry, by the same two authors, and A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen by Ann Cooper. For passionate reading, nothing beats the written word of M.F.K Fisher. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll drool!

When you think you have a good idea for a cookbook, the first question to objectively ask is: Why would someone want to buy this book? If you can't think of anything - trendy, inspiring, completely new - you need another concept. Publishers look for the next big thing, and you have to convince them that you will be big, or at least make them some money. For more information you can visit Whitecap Books.

One of the greatest compliments you can ever receive is to hear from someone that they use your book on a regular basis. It makes the writing of them so worthwhile to think that you are in someone's home, feeding and making them happy.